Work with us

Our belief  is that:

  • the quality of a team comes from its diversity of age, training, experience, which allows men to exchange ideas and experiences and enrich each other
  • its cohesion is strengthened when each individual finds his place in the group and finds there an answer to his aspirations and a recognition of his personality and skills
  • its dynamic is essentially the understanding and adherence to the same objective and vision of its profession
  • Individual career development and well-being at work are the keys to collective success and require putting men and women at the heart of the company’s concerns

SIGMA Partners seeks consultants with more than 5 years of experience in our core business (Risks, Control, Compliance, Audit, Organization, Transformation and Operational Performance), aspiring to work as a team and in “project” mode, but also to benefit from a strong autonomy. Adherence to the company’s strong culture (particularly in terms of quality and customer service) and a certain vision of their consulting profession will be essential.

To join us, thank you to send your application (CV and your cover letter)

  • by e-mail to:
  • or by mail: SIGMA Partners – 5, rue du helder 75009 Paris – France